Book of Amos – Chapter 2, Verse 1

13 Apr

When we last visited the Amos topic, I posted the first three podcasts of Amos’ making of Shout Out Loud. Continuing with the series, Amos addresses his songwriting process in the 4th installment.

He references James Brown as a master at “putting it all out there” and melding music and message, the best. I think that is the mark of a good songwriter….that the music can be good and make you feel but the message REALLY “makes” the song. I’ve long professed to be a lyric fan, so I’m with him there. Much like poetry, writing good lyrics is the crux of the song….what really “sells” it, what makes it resonate.

“Pursing life is a spiritual quest….I dunno, everything is a spiritual quest when you’re trying to live right.”….Amen, brother.

In the 5th podcast, Amos discusses the song “Freedom” that he says was somewhat inspired from his teaching experience. “Not a big political statement, more about two kids punching each other in the stomach.” Interesting, as many have wanted to make this an anti-war statement.

Freedom is seldom found, by beating someone to the ground, telling him how everything is gonna be.

To me, this song is really about “letting it be”. Giving people the freedom to be who they are without criticism or trying to make them be what you want them to be. It’s actually one of my favorites on Shout Out Loud.

Postcast 6: Life on the Road

He validates what NOLAGirl says about his proclivity to “stand and sing”. He likes the small audience where he’s kun-NECK-ting. He really is trying to “keep it small”. His perspective on ballads is interesting, as is his statement that he doesn’t always FEEL like “working”. His set list is designed to include songs that he knows folks are coming to hear……and lastly, “I really didn’t have a big dream when I started…..if you’re good, you just do your thing.” Wow.

Podcast #7: Life and Downtime

Highlights one of my favorites, Sweet Pea. Grateful and sees the positive rather than all the negative. Downtime is spent figuring out how to get back on the road. Hangin’ in bars…..ha. Maybe I should start carrying my guitar around?


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3 responses to “Book of Amos – Chapter 2, Verse 1

  1. Squeebee

    April 13, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    Cool, Double to da D! I missed the other post on Amos; I will have to go back and catch up. It’s nice to see a little bit of the man behind the music!

  2. music maven

    April 13, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Squee to the B! Amos is very open and plain speaking about “the process”. Very enlightening as to how things “evolve” for a new artist.

  3. shrewspeaks

    April 14, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    If these don’t make you respect this artist more, I honestly don’t know what would.

    First to admit to self editing…what a feat! Piss it out onto paper and if it strikes a chord move forward if not move on…what a wonderful artistic philosophy. Many more would profit by editing themselves more…it is the difference between artist and just a lazy dabbler.

    Freedom…and the many interpretations…like many a song…if the core inspiration is truth…than it will resonate.


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