What’s all this Libra Dragon stuff?….

10 May

Ok. Libra Dragon.

Here’s my theory. Libra Dragons have a special “sense”….a type of wavelength or radio frequency that’s off the mainstream and allows the LD to anticipate upcoming change, particularly with another Libra Dragon. I think Libra Dragon women are particularly attuned, because…you know, women are smarter than men and definitely more in touch with their feelings, no?

Based on the highly credible site of Suzanne White 🙂 , here is the very apt description of a Libra Dragon:


The Libra/Dragon is not just anybody. Librans are born manipulators. Dragons tend to be suspicious. Librans seek equilibrium in all matters. Dragons seek to be heard and seen. Neither sign is particularly taciturn. The match is stormy. But despite the tempestuous nature of the Libra/Dragon, he or she will be gifted in carving out unusual destinies. Nobody much trifles with the feelings of this monster of taste and talent. His or her charismatic presence is sought after by all manner of people he or she seduces somehow just by being there. To succeed at being the mate of this huge soul, one must know how to applaud even when the music is not that great or the artwork just soso….

Famous Libra Dragons – Graham Greene, John Lennon, Angie Dickinson, Christopher Reeve, Nietzsche……..

Also among the famous Libra Dragons are one Taylor Hicks, Peter Finch, George Peppard, and Roger Moore.

But, I digress. I have joked about the Libra Dragon thing because of my “feelings” or intuitions about things. A prime example is the recent YouTube posts and the introspection surrounding the proliferation of “alternative” media. About six months ago, I brought up a similar but slightly different topic over at

Man, I loved this sight. THIS KIND OF POST and the comments associated were what made that sight so damn good. Anyway, it talked about the paradimgn shifting of the current state of Television.

I was reminded of this discussion when I saw this article tonight on Yahoo entitled, “Where Have All the TV Viewers Gone”. If you read the GC thread and this article, there are significant parallels six months removed. Gawd, I love to be right….or at least on the leading edge of change. Can you say Early Adopter?

Lastly, has GoFish lost their ever-livin’ mind? You tell me….

(BTW…I will be posting another quick post to leave you a bunch to talk about over the weekend.)


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4 responses to “What’s all this Libra Dragon stuff?….

  1. huckleberryfriend

    May 10, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    This might sound a little strange, but it makes sense in my mind. I see 2 critical events that changed the face of business (including entertainment) in the US. These events were the bursting of the Internet bubble (stock market) and 9/11.

    Internet Bubble – the runup to the bubble bursting was almost unlimited spending by companies. Everyone was buying and investing in technology. Then a recession (bubble bursting) in 2000 put a screeching halt to hiring and purchasing.

    So what does this have to do with TV and Youtube? The recession was the beginning of maximizing productivity by layoffs and exploitation of the technology companies had been purchasing. Companies drastically cut back staff levels. Production increased, but creativity was sacrificed. Old media didn’t innovate, but new startup companies like Youtube did.

    911 – I owned a training company at that time and my business decreased by aver 60% immediately after the attack and never fully recovered. People would only go where they had to go or where they felt comfortable. People quit going to the movies and out to dinner. They wanted to be at home with their families where they felt safe. In my case, I saw my customers make a rush for e-learning courses rather than instructor led courses. While this had a short term benefit for TV and DVDs, the Internet (e-mail, IM, message boards, online shopping) proved to be the bigger winners.

    So I believe these 2 events really pushed people toward the Internet and new technologies like Blogs, Youtube and Gofish, Ebay, Wikopedia, Google, etc. Startups rushed in to fill the demand, while old media companies , now understaffed and underbudgeted, just couldn’t compete. And when they tried to buy Internet technology (TW buying AOL), they failed miserably.

    So, a short 7 years ago, 2 critical events occured and old media completed missed their implications, while new Internet technology companies saw the opportunities and rushed in to capture the new market. The problem is that the new technology companies are still dependent on legacy media (TV shows, movies, CDs and DVDs. So there is still a lot to be played out in this contest. Who will buy who and what new sources for content will be created.

    Lots of opportunities here for businesses from the 1 person shop to multinational companies.

  2. Jay

    November 13, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Another famous LD: Vladimir Putin…which I think is a perfect example…

  3. No1Spank

    May 5, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    It gets boring applauding mediocrity, after a while I realised the Libran Dragon was just smoke with little fire.

  4. music maven

    May 5, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Not sure what you’re getting at, but my Libra Dragon mojo doesn’t like the vibe.


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