The Companion

18 Jul

I love this guy.


He drives me crazy in a lot of different ways. Most of it, in a good way. I am an admitted control freak so I pride myself on knowing what makes my man tick. However, he takes great glee in changing that every so often, so I’m never in control. Makes me absolutely batty…but in a good way, I guess.

One of these things that leaves me slack-jawed is when my better half falls in love with movies and music that I would have bet our house that he would NEVER like, much less listen to or watch.  If you would like to know how many golf tournaments that Jack Nicklaus won over Tom Watson or what’s Phil Mickelson’s Sunday scoring average, he’s your man….but music, not so much.

A few years ago, he absolutely floored me with the announcement that he was utterly in love with Moulin Rouge. Having discovered the movie during one of his late night insomnia cable surfings, he became virtually obsessed with the movie and the music. He absolutely fell in love with Your Song, even though he had no idea that it was an Elton John song.

Your Song, Ewan MacGregor

Now, Mr. D does not share my attention to musical detail, so any time he shows interest I pay attention. For Christmas, he received the DVD. And, I must admit, once I watched the movie with him (his 4th or 5th viewing), I shared his love of Come What May.

Come What May, Ewan MacGregor & Nicole Kidman

His latest shocker is that he absolutely loves the movie and music of Prairie Home Companion. Another late night find, he has actually had me download parts of the soundtrack from iTunes. Now, for perspective, Mr. D does not buy music….ever….so this was a big request. I gladly obliged. So, here are his favorites from Prairie Home Companion:

Whoopi Ti Yi Yo, Woody Harrelson & John C. Reilly

Perhaps this brings back memories of his Lone Ranger days.

Gold Watch & Chain, Meryl Streep & Garrison Keillor

Goodbye to Mama, Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin

Over the years, he has sprung a few of these unlikely favorites on me. I think he likes to keep me guessing and certainly likes to thwart my control tendencies. Don’t tell him, but I kinda like it that way…


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6 responses to “The Companion

  1. shrewspeaks

    July 19, 2007 at 9:29 am

    Okay…First I want to look THAT happy in a picture with a man someday soon.

    I love LOVE Ewan’s voice…so with scotch, golf and that Mr. D’s pallet is ranking pretty high on my list of cultivated peeps I know.

    And confession time…I have not been able to watch Prairie Home because she who will remain nameless and skanky. Besides the youtube music…is it worth it?

  2. music maven

    July 19, 2007 at 10:07 am

    “Double L” has a VERY small and muted part in this. She sings a varied and maniac version of “Frankie & Johnny” at the end, but it doesn’t add to nor take away from, the movie.

    The movie is very Garrison Keillor and a bit obtuse, but it is enjoyable. I’d say it’s worth the 110 minutes on a rainy Sunday.

  3. jenfera

    July 19, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    I watched Prairie Home a couple weeks ago with Mr. Jenfera. He enjoyed it too. Maybe not so much that he wants the soundtrack, but enjoyed it enough. These guys can always surprise us. He loves Ozzy Osbourne and Led Zeppelin, and he cries whenever he watches The Color Purple.

  4. music maven

    July 19, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    I know, Jen, ain’t that just nuts. I pride myself in being a great “profiler” and of course I’ve got the Libra Dragon thing working in my favor, but my feelings for Mr. D evidently short-circuits my abnormally astute powers…and I hate that. I want control, dernit…and to be right (always).

    People, please know that the above is ALL tongue in cheek. I am not a meglomaniac…well, at least not in principle.

  5. colette

    July 19, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    You got a cutie there! (Though not as cute as mine, of course.) My spouse is a classical music expert, by profession, and takes me to the opera a lot. Thank goodness he also loves the blues, the Beatles and a lotta other good stuff. But I tell ya, girls, having an opera sugar daddy is fun…….

  6. leejolem

    July 19, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    My fav from Moulin Rouge is Roxanne. Very hawt and sexy! My dh surprised my by loving the movie Stepmom. He has very diverse music taste and knows all the words to every Meatloaf and B-52’s song. He still surprises me though sometimes.

    Prairie Home Companion was a quirky but entertaining movie. I was surprised at how good Meryl Streep’s voice is. She’s my favorite actress.


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