Bring on the “Greenies”

28 Sep

 ETA:  Tigers provide cardiac arrhythmia in the first half, then awaken to find their stride.  Looking ahead to Florida, nearly proved deadly.

Mike the Tiger does not make the road trip to The Big Easy.

LSU 34, Tulane 9


Intrastate battle this Saturday, when LSU travels an hour down the road to New Orleans to take on the Tulane Green Wave. A 40 point favorite, LSU is expected to log an easy win. The tigers are introducing a special uniform for the occasion. After the game, these uniforms will be auctioned off with the proceeds to benefit Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.


The pelican emblem is designed to reflect a Phoenix, rising from the ashes. Tigers helmet and pants are usually gold, so the white is a bit of an adjustment. Sort of Minnesota Vikings….

While it’s quite exciting to be 4-0 with a #2 ranking, it’s not a whole lot of fun going in to play a team that hasn’t beaten you for 25 years and that you are favored to beat by 40 points.

Hopefully, LSU will take care of business without unduly humiliating “The Greenies” and don’t start looking ahead to Florida, next week.

In the meantime, here’s a little more information on Roscoe Mike VI.

…..I want a waterfall.


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