Dash Right 93 Berlin

12 Oct


ETA: Without words. Kentucky props. LSU…you suck  you got caught speeding.  I just knew this would be a loss….sooo LSU.

Karma pays back.

Kentucky 43, LSU 37

… sad.






Advocate/Travis Spradling

Five years ago, LSU traveled to the Kentucky Wildcat stadium ranked #14 in the country and feeling pretty confident. However, coming off a loss to Auburn the week before, LSU needed a win to stay in the SEC race. Kentucky played inspired football while LSU was flat. In the last minutes of the game, Kentucky broke a 27-27 tie with a late field goal to take the lead, 30-27. The Wildcat faithful could feel the win only moments away. LSU gets the ball back deep in their own territory. QB Marcus Randall connects on a long pass to Michael Clayton for a first down around the 25 yard line. With :02 on the clock, Kentucky players douse their coach with Gatorade and fans were ready to storm the field to tear down the goalposts. There’s nothing left but the proverbial “Hail Mary”….the play comes in…Dash Right 93 Berlin. You know, the one that never worked in practice….
Bluegrass Miracle

OH. MY. GOD. Devry Henderson SCORES!!!! Are you kidding me? Kentucky fans, unaware that the catch is made, start to storm the field and the LSU jubilation at the end of the field suddenly provides the realization that they have actually LOST this game.

Fast forward five years….LSU comes back to Kentucky for the first time since the legendary “miracle” rated #1 and fresh off an historic win over a TOUGH Florida team. Ripe for the pickin’? Maybe. All logic says LSU by 24, but this is Kentucky in Kentucky.

Just in case Les “Fear the Hat” Miles can’t provide enough enthusiasm for the Tigers to remain pumped, “Old Coach” Lou Holtz has some words of encouragement:

Lou’s Pep Talk

LSU should take care of business and this should be a sound win that solidifies their #1 spot above the college football polls. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to the last play of the game, but if it does:

I Believe in Miracles, Hot Chocolate



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3 responses to “Dash Right 93 Berlin

  1. shrewspeaks

    October 13, 2007 at 8:25 pm


  2. huckleberryfriend

    October 14, 2007 at 8:33 am

    LSU is extremely talented – but where’s the Killer Instinct? Got to put teams like UK away when they have the chance. Can’t give the underdog the opportunity to gain confidence.

    This may sound strange, but LSU may have too much great talent. I think teams with a couple of stars look to those players for leadership and they, in turn, rise to the occasion. LSU seems to rotate their great players so much they don’t have the same opportunity to lead.

  3. music maven

    October 14, 2007 at 8:50 am

    Huck — exactly. They let them hang around and hang around. Also, their offense is just not as good as advertised. Flynn constantly throws behind the receivers and they drop way too many. I have to question putting a blocking tight end on the touchdown play at the end of the game, as well. (Had to settle for a field goal.) Particularly, when the other tight end, Dickson, was making spectacular plays all game long.

    Bottom line is LSU got complacent, IMO. In the light of morning, I think that this is a “good loss” if there is such a thing. Kentucky is a very good team who may knock off a couple more SEC rivals before it’s said and done. The loss takes the target off of LSU’s back a little and maybe provides them with some clarity to see that you have to play up to the hype if you really want to be #1. We still have a shot, but next week’s game (Auburn) is a must win.


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