And the Winners Are…

11 Feb

If, like me, you did not tune in to watch the Grammys, here is Entertainment Weekly’s List of Winners.

The biggest winner, by far, was Amy Winehouse with five Grammys.  While she couldn’t be there, in person, she rocked the house in London performing her mega-hit, real life drama, Rehab, as well as I’m No Good.

What a great night for real music.  Congratulations to Amy Winehouse for being the standard bearer.  Make no mistake, her wins make a real statement to the industry. 

Lefsetz has a pretty scathing assessment of the travesty of trying to associate Frank Sinatra with the music prowess of Alicia Keys.  To quote Aretha…”C’mon now.  Please.”  Even this is a cry by the industry to harken back the days of good music because, frankly, so little of it is found on today’s charts.

I have to admit that I did flip over from catching up on Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TLC and caught Ree Ree and BeBe Winans singing Never Gonna Break My Faith, which tied with The Clark Sisters to win a Grammy in Best Gospel Performance.

Awesome.  But, lawsy mercy she is large.  This has to be affecting her health.

Although I was extremely disappointed in the status quo with Justin Timberlake beating out John Mayer in the Best Male Pop Performance for that lame-ass song, What Goes Around Comes Around, it seems that perhaps the tide is starting to turn as Daughtry was shut out, even though his CD was by far the best-seller of the year. 

The excitement of the crowd when the legends of great music, like Aretha, Tina Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Fogerty, and the incomprable Little Richard performed indicates that there is a yearning for the great music that built this business.  In my opinion, it also exposes how shallow the current promoted music is.

Sorry, but there is nobody even close to the great Richard Penniman in today’s music.  As usual, makes ma toe shoot up in ma boot!

Alas, my buddy Geno Delafose lost to Zydeco Legend Terrence Simien.  Maybe next year.


Posted by on February 11, 2008 in aretha franklin, grammys, Music Today


3 responses to “And the Winners Are…

  1. shrewspeaks

    February 11, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Awe man…I didn’t get to see Little Richard before the vid got pulled.

  2. jenfera

    February 11, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Did anyone see John Mayer playing guitar with Alicia Keys? I didn’t get it. The guitar didn’t sound right with the song. At all.

  3. thedingoateyobaby

    February 11, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    One thing struck me while reading your post DD. There definitely was real excitement when the more “seasoned” veterans were either mentioned or were actually there. I feel a change in the air as well.

    I think Cindi Lauper put it best when she said her personal choice was Amy Winehouse because today’s music was too canned, too processed whereas Amy lent real emotion and credence to what she sang. You could here the emotion in her voice. Thats not an exact quote but its the gist of what Cindi said and I agree.


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