Dial Idol Don’t Lie

22 May

Marc Mainz/AP/Fox

As I explained in the previous post, Dial Idol predicted a landslide David Cook win on American Idol. A clear winner, despite the comments of the judges (picked up by major media) of “knockout”, “clearly the best singer”, etc. Simon Cowell presumably set the world right when he vehemently apologized to Cookie right before the big reveal, citing that after a closer look at the replay the “knockout” was not so evident.

Really? Gee, thanks, Simon for affirming the actual truth and not the fabricated fantasy to try and force a close contest and enrapture the viewers. Puleeze.

Now, don’t get me wrong…Little Davie Archuleta has talent and with all of his contest experience, I think that he will be tapped for musical theater and be great at it. I hope he chooses that path and does not try to conform to the pop star mold. The last few months on Idol should show him that the public won’t buy him as such, but will gladly accept his powerful voice in Disney movies and The Great White Way.

As I explained, Cookie won because he picked up votes as other contestants were voted off, whereas Archie did not. Cook was also the most consistent over the season, despite high blood pressure and panic attacks over mounting pressures of his brother’s illness.

I guess congratulations is in order for Mr. Cook. He certainly will receive some very pointed attention over the next few weeks and then there’s the slave tour before having to crank out his CD before Christmas. Surely, his brother’s illness will impact his upcoming tour. I don’t think he’ll be able to replicate the success of Daughtry because it’s been done and he’ll have the responsibilities of being the winner and fulfilling all that comes with it. Also, the choice of producer will be a critical one for the neophyte Cook. (Please tell me that Tuesday night was Clive Davis’ swan song…wasn’t he officially put on the shelf?)

As for American Idol. I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end. The show, as we know it, will not be recognizable in future seasons, if it survives that long. The winds are changing. Reality TV has overloaded the senses of most viewers. The music business is also changing and beckoning for real, raw talent in lieu of synthesized, over-produced nonsense.

As finales go, this one was decent. Highlights of the evening: Seal performing with Syesha, Graham Nash performing with Brooke White, and David Cook’s Sharp Dressed Man, with no other than ZZ Top. Also, Cookie’s Risky Business Guitar Hero commercial was superb. But perhaps the best performance of the night goes to the irrepressible and totally resilient, Mr. Robert Downey, Jr.

Dude’s got moves.


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8 responses to “Dial Idol Don’t Lie

  1. brc

    May 22, 2008 at 9:00 am

    Glad the whole spectacle is over.

    Thanks for the replay of “Midnight Train.” RDJ was hysterical. I think it was the subtlety of his “pip” performance that made him so funny. Plus the dude’s got rhythm. Jack Black wouldn’t know subtlety if it hit him in the face.

  2. huckleberryfriend

    May 22, 2008 at 9:21 am

    So did Simon apologize because David C won or becuase he really realized he had made a mistake?

    I thought the Brooke and Graham Nash duet were the best performance of the night. Beautiful blend of their voices. Maybe CSN will ask Brooke to join them on their fall tour. Might fill a few more seats for CSN and also would be a great education for Brooke. The AI tour should polish Brooke’s performance to the level she can hang with CSN.

  3. chuval

    May 22, 2008 at 10:05 am

    Simon apologized because he knew what the results were going to be and wanted to save face. At this point, it’s all about maximizing the amount of money he can make off of Cook’s first, and likely only, album.

    I think the judges pushed hard for Archie because they considered him more marketable. With the record concert ticket sales that Miley Cyrus raked in last year, they probably figured the younger David would appeal better to that niche. I knew that Cook would win when my wife, who barely watches the show, voted three times for Cook (though this was more a vote against Archie).

  4. Colette

    May 22, 2008 at 10:41 am

    MM, your skepticism about the tiring, grinding Idol machine is well-placed. and yet…watching last night, and savoring the victory of this very gifted, bright, deserving, humane kid, I had a little bit of a deja-vu about another similar guy winning the whole enchilada this year, and found myself touched by the promise of hope.

    OK, no political grandstanding here, just music talk. But I was surprised how (despite all the ridiculous hyping of the craptastic new Michael Meyer movie, etc.) moved I was by the way things turned out last night. I was also moved by that weird George Micheal appearance, where he seemed to rise from the dead to sing a dark song with very deep, poignant lyrics which really amazed me in this context.

    you said:

    “I don’t think he’ll be able to replicate the success of Daughtry because it’s been done and he’ll have the responsibilities of being the winner and fulfilling all that comes with it. Also, the choice of producer will be a critical one for the neophyte Cook. (Please tell me that Tuesday night was Clive Davis’ swan song…wasn’t he officially put on the shelf?)”

    FOr me, Cook is wayyyyyy more interesting than Daughtry, whom I found monotonous and boorish, and proudly ignorant of music other than his own. Yup Cookie will have to struggle hard to overcome the AI pressure, as poor Taylor did. But Taylor’s problems were not just a result of AI pressure. And Cookie has shown a lot of maverick stubbornness under fire. I’m hoping for the best for and from him.

    As for Clive, he really has RISEN FROM THE DEAD several times in his career. I don’t count that guy out ever from clawing his way back, even when he’s 105. I just hope he doesn’t get anywhere near Cookie’s first, second, third or twelfth album….

  5. Shrewspeaks

    May 22, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Now I want to see RDJ do a musical of some sort.

    Good for Cookie…I hope he does well.

    And I was very pleased with how mature Archie took the whole thing.

  6. jenfera

    May 22, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    I loved the very last seconds – Cook’s brother looks right in the camera and mouths “That’s my brother!”

    That’s the joy that AI is capable of portraying.

    I wish the best for Cook. I am not sure if it is possible for a non-country AI winner to be respected as a real artist any more or not, but maybe he’s the guy.

  7. marymagdalene

    May 23, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    I thought that this was quite good, and I loved it!

    I missed the introduction, as I think my Dad & I were talking about something, so I was not sure what this was, as I had forgotten that they were going to be doing a “Dead Elvis” duet…

    I knew Jack Black right off, but it took me a few moments to recognize Ben Stiller, and it took me even LONGER to figure out who the guy on the right was: RDJ…

    As to his singing, I know that he sang when he was on “Ally McBeal”, but I do have the “Ally McBeal” Christmas CD, which RDJ contributed a couple of tracks…

    A few years ago he released a CD called “The Futurist”, which I found to be quite good, surprisingly, and RDJ wrote several of the songs himself…

    One of the reviewers on Amazon, MovedbyMusic, called RDJ’s voice, and I quote: “‘his voice is captivating (raspy kind of like an Eric Clapton rocker sound but heavier like a Joe Cocker haunt…'”

  8. AH

    May 24, 2008 at 2:56 am

    Maven, hope you’re right about the show being in its death throws. Have a laundry list of issues with that poster child for questionable corporate ethics that go beyond the Taylor link.

    The Pips made me laugh out loud. Just saw RDJ in Iron Man Weds. night and I tend to think in pictures sometimes so … well, let’s say I have another version in my head I wish I could share !

    “Jack Black wouldn’t know subtlety if it hit him in the face.”
    You are probably right brc – but I suspect I’d be ROTFL while he figured out how to get it off his face 🙂


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