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30 Jul

Felt it was time to touch base on the Country front.  Unlike other music genres, there’s some pretty good music still coming from Nashville.

Currently, the #1 Country song in the land is Good Time, by Alan Jackson.

I really like this song because it’s fun and upbeat.  And, the catchy refrain is infectious…G with an O, O with a D, T with an I and a M and a E.   Good stuff.

Alan Jackson has proved to be a great songwriter over the years, with simple, heartfelt lyrics that really grab the listener.  His last hit, Small Town Southern Man, is a song about his father but it could have just as well have been about my own father.

As I have said before, Country is the new “Pop” music.  Many songs that are considered Country would have been classified as Country 20 years ago.  Also, many songs now cross-over from Country to Mainstream Pop and vice versa.  The #2 song in Country today is a cover of Michael Buble’s Home, performed by Blake Shelton:

One of my all-time favorite Country singers is George Strait.  For 25 years, George has been on or near the top of the business.  Despite the fact that he is some fine eye candy, he also provides songs that are simple, to the point and resonate.

His latest hit, I Saw God Today, is a sweet anthem that pays homage to the simple things in life:

I have often said that when you look into the face of a newborn baby (particularly your own), you look into the face of God.  George’s song echoes that.  The song hits on the kinds of emotions that resonates with virtually all who have been through having a child.

And finally, a ballad from Kenny Chesney…just because I like it.  True to form, Kenny hits the mark with an easy tune and a powerful lyric.  Wonderful in it’s simplicity.

  Better As a Memory

I move on like a sinners prayer
And letting go like a levee breaks
Walk away as if I don’t care
Learn to shoulder my mistakes
Or built to fade like your favorite song
Get reckless when there’s no need
Laugh as your stories ramble on
Break my heart, but it won’t bleed
My only friends are pirates
That’s just who I am
But I’m better as a memory than as your man

Never sure when the truth won’t bend
And pretty good on a lonely night
Or move on the way a storm blows through
And never stay, but then again, I might.
I struggle sometimes to find the words
Always sure until I doubt
Walk a line until it blurs
Build walls too high to climb out
But I’m honest to a fault
That’s just who I am
I’m better as a memory than as your man

I see you leaning, you’re bound to fall
I don’t want to be that mistake
I’m just a dreamer and nothing more
You should know it before it gets too late

Cause goodbyes are like a roulette wheel
You never know where they’re gonna land
First you’re spinning, then you’re standing still
Left holding a losing hand
But one day you’re gonna find someone
And right away you’ll know it’s true
That all of your seeking’s done
It’s just a part of the passing through
Right there in that moment you’ll finally understand
That I was better as a memory than as your man
Better as a memory than as your man

Country appears to be live and well….YEE HAW!

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Posted by on July 30, 2008 in Country, Music Today


One response to “Current Country

  1. shrewspeaks

    July 31, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Well…I tried to stay away from the twang, but truth be told; I missed ya.

    I always find I love the stories of country tunes, like Alan Jacksons. I can smell the beer and the BBQ when I hear that.

    I listened to them all and they all say something and seem like timeless classics…for country music.

    The twang still makes me cringe, but I would be happy to stare at Blake Shelton all day.


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