The Demise of American Idol

05 Aug


It’s official.

Paula Abdul has confirmed that she will not be returning to judge American Idol Season 9.  Just another nail in the coffin, folks.  As I have extolled over the last few years, AI has been jumping the shark since that magic season when the silver haired soul singer won.

I have been on record regarding idol madness and their obvious lack of creativity in keeping the franchise fresh and interesting.  The plethora of copy cat “talent shows” that have diluted Idol’s appeal, in combination with the producers’ hubris in maintaining the same old cheesy format have assisted in sounding the death knell of the reality show talisman.  It was fairly transparent that the addition of Kara Dioguardi as the “fourth” judge was but the first step in replacing the wacky, somewhat unreliable Paula Abdul.

However, what the producers fail to understand is that Paula is one of the things that makes Idol, Idol.  No more crying tirades, no more “just what is in the Coke cup”, no more Simon/Paula love/hate exchanges….definitely the ending of an era.  My prediction is that Idol will trudge through Season 9 with little of interest between the judges — much like the other three judge panels of American reality talent contests.  Ratings will continue to drop and limp into Season 10, which will be the last season. 

You heard it here, first, folks!

As for Paula, I’m figuring that she’ll continue to make money like she always has and is likely well set after her eight seasons on AI.  What I’m really hoping is that she’ll write a tell-all memoir of all the backstage shenanigins that we all know go on.  She just might be ditsy and pissed enough…


Here he comes….


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5 responses to “The Demise of American Idol

  1. shrewspeaks

    August 5, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    The final and ultimate STFU Paula

  2. JenAdams

    August 5, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Oh, pauler, pauler… whatever will we do without you? It was fun while it lasted. Another effect of Paula’s absence will be that Idol will also dip further into the realm of typical reality show “meanness”. Paula, as goofy as she is, was the only nice one on that show.

  3. little Deb

    August 6, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    I for one am thrilled that I won’t have to watch and listen to her anymore. I usually left the room when it was her turn to speak (or try to) because it was usually down right embarrassing and for me painful to watch. When the first speculation started that she might not be back next season, I posted my wish list (on another site) of changes if she stayed on the show.

    1. Tie her down to her chair while the contestants are performing. No More Dancing. Yea Paula, we know you are a has been choreographer, but you really really look stupid doing that for every damn song.

    2. Have two separate judging tables with Paula and Kara at one and Simon and Randy at the other. Have them separated by a wall so that Paula and Simon can never get near each other.

    3. Get rid of the coke cup permanently. If she gets thirsty, someone can bring her an unopened bottle of water.

    4. Have her pee in a cup before each show. If the tests are positive, she can’t be on the show that night.

    5. Ban any “You look really pretty/handsome tonight. I love your dress” type comments. If she slips up (which will happen), tape her mouth shut and don’t allow her to talk for the rest of the show. Actually, I like that idea for every show. Don’t let her talk. Make her write her comments down and show them like they do on Jeopardy. Oh and after her screw up with Jason Castro, make sure that she is talking about the actual song the contestant performed.

    6. Don’t let her interrupt Simon – ever. It’s distracting, gets the audience in an uproar and takes away from actual comments and critiques for the contestants. Not to mention the length of songs they are allowed to perform. If they shut her up, we could probably get full song performances.

    7. No more fake, orgasmic gazes or tears when watching a contestant perform. I don’t want to see Paula – I want to see the contestants while they perform.

    Oh, and did I mention that she is not allowed to dance in her chair – EVER.

    Now, I don’t have to worry about that wish list.

    I never enjoyed the whole judge’s interaction/personalities thing. I’d much rather the judges be just that – judges. Maybe they could even give constructive criticism and advice. Spend more time on getting to know the contestants and less time watching Paula and Simon make asses out of themselves.

    As for jumping the shark, I don’t know. I watch the show to see the contestants and the competition. A lot of my friends who aren’t following and dissecting the show on the internet feel the same way AND have not been fans of loopy Paula. It’s a bonus when one of the judges actually says something worthwhile and intelligent. Paula was more lucid this past season. I wonder if she made that effort because her contract was up for renewal. Maybe she even got a warning from TPTB. If that was the case, she should have been happy with whatever $$ they offered her since she was finally doing the job she was hired for. I’m hoping that with her gone, the other three step up their game as well. I didn’t enjoy the format changes last year, but I still like the show and hope it’s on for a lot more seasons.

  4. colette

    August 11, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    Very entertaining Little Deb!! Paula should definitely hire you as a consultant. Though you might end up holding her mascara or something instead.
    Sorry MM, I’m with Little Deb on this one. Paula’s wackiness was cheesy silly fun on “Idol” until it just became annoying. Especially all the footsie games she was playing with Simon. There’s nothing that makes me gag more than watching multi-millions look bored about their wildly overpaid jobs.
    OK, so she gives out lots of stroke to the contestants. I think Kara DioGuardia is perfectly capable playing Everybody’s Big Sis. And you want cheesiness? Hey, daw, there’s always Randy.
    I’ll keep watching “Idol” because: a) it’s addictive, even if you hate yourself in the morning; and b) the contestants.
    It just so happened that I loved watching the arc of the guys who (rightfully IMO) won the crown during the last two years, David Cook and Kris Allen. It’s also a refreshing change from a lot of reality shows where you actually need TALENT and CREATIVE JUICE to win.
    I’m not going to argue that “Idol” has produced world-shaking artists. I mean, I’ll probably never own a Carrie Underwood or Daughtry CD, and my crush on Taylor evaporated long ago.
    But what I’d love the show to do is let the kids perform more, and the judges pipe up less. Even if they don’t, I’ll probably be unable to resist watching it…unless I can get into an AI 12-step program somewhere!

  5. madame bellicose

    August 27, 2009 at 1:05 pm


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