What’s Wrong With This Picture?

17 Feb

Jazz Fest 2011 - Jimmy Buffett by Gordon Robinette

So, this week the came the official and announcement of the 2011 Jazz Fest poster. The poster is a highly sought after commodity for many music consessieurs and collectors. Both the subjects and the artists vary through the years since the poster advertising the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 1975. The great Louis Prima was immortalized by the great Tony Bennett last year — a true collectors’ item on several levels.

Louis Prima 2010 - Tony Bennett

Probably the most identifiable and beloved Jazz Fest posters were done by James Michalopoulos. He uses the splendid French Quarter architecture as a backdrop for several New Orleans legends who have been mainstays of Jazz Fest and of New Orleans music. The series of Dr. John, Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint all convey exactly what Jazz Fest is about and the greats that have made IT great.

Dr. John, Louis "Satchemo" Armstrong, Fats Domino, Allen Touissaint

And then there’s the great Cajun artist, George Rodrigue, of Blue Dog fame — and recent savior of the Youngsville Heritage Oak. Rodrigue combines his iconical dark oak tree and ever-popular blue dog to immortalize Louis Armstrong (once again), Pete Fountain and the great Al Hirt.

Satchemo, Pete Fountain & Al Hirt

Again, these images capture the essence of these great talents and their impact on Jazz music and making New Orleans its “Mecca”.

So, imagine my surprise at this year’s poster. First, the artist is Gordon Robinette. Robinette IS well known in New Orleans, but not as an artist. He is best known as a talking head/talk show host at WJBO radio station. I must say that as an artist, he is quite accomplished. I do like how he borrowed from the much beloved concept of Michalopoulos’ use of French Quarter architecture and I am impressed that he includes a future Jimmy Buffett looking over his shoulder at the young, broke street performer behind a Falcon, no less. (Which reminds me…I have a long, lost story about a Falcon. But I digress…that’s for another day.)

However, I am perplexed at just why Jimmy Buffett is featured on a JAZZ FEST poster? Now, don’t get me wrong. My Jimmy love is strong. See here, here & here. But this choice seems a bit indulgent. Is it a payback for Jimmy’s fantastic support during last year’s oil spill crisis and his wonderful free concert that many homies considered his “homecoming” to the Gulf Coast?

Or, perhaps it was meant to bolster Jimmy’s spirits after his recent dive off the stage in Australia? A pat on the back for investing in the coast by expanding his Magaritaville franchise in Pensacola, FL and Biloxi, MS? Dunno. But one thing I DO know is that Jimmy Buffett is not the impactful son of the South that the other icons that graced Jazz Fest posters before him.

I DO love Jimmy…but I’m conflicted. He is from Mobile, AL…where I live. He has played here ZERO times since he graduated from McGill Institute back in 1966 (He was a cheerleader, for Christ’s sake). His concert at the Gulf was the first time he’s played there in forever, even though his sister, Lulu, has a VERY popular bar/restaurant on the Intercoastal Canal in Gulf Shores. Jimmy is more a child of Key West and the Carribean. A few years ago, he started playing Jazz Fest, but he has NEVER been a staple there. While Robinette’s portrait refers to Jimmy’s street performing in the late ’60s, the fact is that Jimmy Buffett spent a relatively short period of time on the gummy, stinky streets of the French Quarter before heading out to Californina and ultimately, grounding himself in South Florida.

So, to wrap this all up…I am pumped up about the Jimmy poster because of the awesomeness that is Jimmy Buffett and all he stands for. But in true Libra fashion, I am disappointed that something that has generally been pure and true to its’ core concerning subjects chosen to promote one of the most fantastic musical experiences on Earth has chosen a subject that is, well, not exactly true to itself.

And, just to quench that burning question of MY favorite Jazz Fest poster EVAH?

Because, IT’S IRMA, baby!!


4 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Shrewspeaks

    February 17, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    I too am torn. I am a big Jimmy fan, but it just don’t sit right. I will probably buy it for the memories of being at JazzFest. Now Congo Square poster this year is Hot Hot Hot!

    My fav…buddy bolden

  2. amy d

    February 18, 2011 at 10:30 am

    My dad collects all of the jazz fest prints and has all the Michalopoulos ones. In fact it is his only decor in his “man cave.”

    To be honest, I had NO idea who that person was on the poster. I don’t think it resembles Jimmy at all. I’ve never known him to have a moustache. It totally throws me off!

    Also? When did Garland become an artist?? I know him from the nightly achor spot on channel 4 news. Even as a child I wondered how he was able to report the news night after night next to his coanchor (and EX WIFE) Angela Hill. Odd choice to give such an important prestigious artistic honor to.

  3. music maven

    February 18, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Ah, Ames, you are SOOOO young.

    Jimmy had a ‘stache most of his life…likely up into the 90s. Check out this “music video” from his first single, Come Monday.

    Also, I didn’t even notice the older Jimmy in the painting until I was reading the article on and Robinette talked about it. That, and the fact that he’s on the corner of Chartes and Conti.

    If we are EVER invited back to Cocodrie, I’ll have to check out Pat’s collection. 😉

  4. amy d

    February 18, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    My mind is blown D! I had NO IDEA!!

    Let’s SERIOUSLY plan a Coco trip this summer. Maybe early summer (as I will be a whale of a woman towards the end;)…May or June? We are all way overdue! I’ll be in touch about it;)


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