Kenny Finds Grace…

05 Aug

I admit it. I’m a bit out of touch. I haven’t been keeping up with “the music” lately as I’ve just been trying to survive this cold, hard life. In my laziness, I’ve regressed to listening to the radio in the car on my long drives to Central Alabama.

Imagine my SHOCK when I flipped from the excruiating negativism of talk radio to the old comforts of country radio (I live in Alabama, after all…) to hear a new Kenny Chesney song featuring one, Grace Potter.

I listened. I absorbed. I liked. After all, “You and Tequila” surely got my attention…

So, I’m sure some Jam Band purists (and maybe my old pal, Killer Cortez) think Grace is a sell out for cutting a record with uber star, Kenny Chesney, but I can’t disagree more. First, it’s pretty cool that ole gabillionaire and super duper star, Kenny, happened to be exploring iTunes on his yacht in the islands and stumbled upon Grace Potter. And THEN, actually tracks her down and invites her to record a song with him…arguably the biggest Country star of the last decade.

Here’s a little background…

Kenny Chesney is a music guy. Thank goodness he listens to all kinds of music and that he reaches out to people he likes and makes good music with them. As for Grace, she stepped up to a fantastic opportunity and now a much broader audience is exposed to the goodness of Grace. I have to say that her performance on “You and Tequila” was very Alison Krause — and that is never bad.

While I know that Grace will never be “country”, but even country isn’t country. There’s room for all kind of music and it’s just so awesome to see two people from polar experiences come together a make sweet music…

For those who want more Grace, visit my buddy KC @


4 responses to “Kenny Finds Grace…

  1. shrewspeaks

    August 5, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Hey…I was listening to Radio Margarittaville last night on my iPhone via Wunder Radio and bam…Ms Potter has made the rotation list of the radio that serves one of the most ardent group of fans. The beauty, just like Mr Chesney’s listening habits and Ms. Potter’s music; Mr. Buffett defied being niched into any one kind of music…neither country nor rock, just good.

    On a side note, to KC, I didn’t know it was Grace Potter…but I was listening for who sang the great song. I was so happy for her, when they announced her name.

  2. music maven

    August 6, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Just goes to show, the cream rises to the top! Geaux Grace!!

  3. littledeb

    August 12, 2011 at 8:24 am

    Well Holy Shit! You’re up and running. How did I miss that? I stopped checking so long ago. So cool!

    I will be seeing Mr. Buffet next Friday and have been a faithful listener of Radio Margaritaville all summer. Nice Kenny/Grace song. Since NYC does not have a country radio station, I miss out on all this good stuff.

    Since I’m jumping right in here like I didn’t miss out on the last year or so. Hope you remember me. I have a favorite Leon Russell song called Back to the Island. I sing it during the cold winter while crying and missing my life in the sunny tropical south. That and Pirate Looks at Forty, but I’m sure there’s a Buffet thread here somewhere. Anyway, we were listening to Radio Margaritaville the other night and I said to hubby “Buffet really really needs to cover Back to the Island”. Low and behold, the very next song was Jimmy singing Back to the Island.

    I think I still like Leon’s version better though. Check out the sound of the waves at the beginning. We used to sit on my Mom’s houseboat in the FL Keys every weekend. This was the official sunset with cocktails song. Good memories.

    BTW, where is part to of your Rantasaurus about Unions? Loved the first part. So nice to come across another person who says exactly what I think.

  4. music maven

    August 12, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Hey Little Deb!! Good to see you again. Yes, there’s plenty Jimmy. You can find it easily by the tag code on the Categories sidebar ———————->>>.

    I was so incensed on the Rantasaurus that I had to step back before I post Part 2. And now, I have SOOO much more to rant about. LOL. I’ll have to compose Part 2 soon. In the meantime, I’ve got a few other ideas.

    Hope all is well. I love Leon Russell and I bet that most folks don’t know that he wrote and originally recorded “A Song for You”. Good Stuff.


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