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Happy Anniversary, Baby

My parents would have been married 55 years today.

May 4th, 1952

My Daddy passed away in September of 2005. Sweetly, my mother still sleeps with his picture on his pillow in their bed. It’s touching, yet extremely sad for me. They lived a charmed life, for sure and had their “time” in the sun. Both of them always said that they certainly lived and had no regrets. They loved each other deeply and were a great example.

When I asked my Mother, years ago, what “their” song was, she answered Stardust. Daddy was ambivalent. He wasn’t as enamored with “Frankie” as Mamma was. Heh. However, she was emphatic and as always, he gave in and agreed with her. If it made her happy, it made him happy.

So today, I salute them. With Stardust and wonderful memories of a great life.

Stardust – Frank Sinatra

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this for Daddy. He was a Jo Stafford freak. It was the one artist that I can remember him actually talking about (besides Al Hirt and Harry Belafonte). One of the songs that was popular when they married all those years ago was You Belong to Me, sung by Jo Stafford. I used this in a video collage I did for them for their 50th Anniversary. He was ill and very tired, but this song brought a huge smile to his face — one that I’ll remember forever.


You Belong to Me — Jo Stafford


ETA: For your listening pleasure…..

Stardust – Willie Nelson


Stardust – Nat King Cole


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