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Joliet Jake…A Story of Redemption

I know I just said (like, Tuesday) that I wouldn’t be doing any more Taylor features, but I can’t pass this one up.

brc made it back from a wonderful Taylor Hicks concert experience with her 6 year old, EMC, last night. She had a couple of very positive experiences regarding Mr. Hicks that I thought were worth sharing here. While there may have been some inconsistencies of Taylor “enthusiasm” among the Meet & Greets, it apprears that Taylor has found a niche that can show his soft side, satisfy the fans, cultivate good PR and not have to “risk” too much. Concentrate on the kids…pretty simple and relatively safe. And, scores HUGE points with the Moms.

Anyway, here is the wonderful recap from brc and the Joliet concert:

I spontaneously took my daughter (we’ll call her EMC) to see Taylor Hicks last night in Joliet.

What follows is my recap (both personal and musical) of the evening:

Around 3:45pm, EMC and I head out the door to see Taylor. The day is dreary and it’s drizzling. I’m excited to see Taylor for a second time, but have low expectations. I saw him in March at the House of Blues in Chicago and the show and the venue were so great I’m pretty sure it would be hard to beat. We point the car in the direction of Joliet and off we go. We are pleasantly surprised that in spite of it being rush hour we arrive in Joliet in just 90 minutes. EMC seems enthusiastic, but really has no idea what a concert like this is all about. She is only 6 years-old and just knows that she loved Taylor on American Idol.

She asks in the car if he will sing Do I Make You Proud. I explain that he will not.

We park the car, take a few photos in front of the very beautiful theater and ask a police officer where we can eat. Apparently this area of Joliet can get seedy at night, so Officer Friendly advises me and EMC to stay close and points out a nice bar/grill across the street. Nice bar/grill is PACKED with Taylor fans. It is also filled with smoke, but we’re tough and we’re hungry, so we stay. We (the two of us) are seated at a table that can fit six people. I see the line of people waiting to eat and feel bad, so after a few minutes I suggest to the manager that we wouldn’t mind if other people were seated at our table. We are then joined by two women. One 50ish and one 70ish. The 70ish woman is wearing a t-shirt that says “You’ve Come to the Right Place” in REALLY big letters. I try to stifle my laughter and not pee in my pants. We discuss Taylor, AI and the venue. A pleasant conversation and the food was passable. Dinner is done and EMC and I move on.

I had been telling EMC about Taylor’s purple bus and promised her that we could find it and take a picture there. We easily find the bus behind the theater and we’re the only people there. Not a soul around. It is lightly raining and the wind chill is 40 degrees. I’m assuming that Taylor is not nearby or there would likely be others standing around. Brian Less comes out the stage door and heads to the door of the bus. I yell “Brian,” not knowing what I’m going to say next. He walks over…I make some chit chat about the show at the HOB and ask if he thinks this will be as good. He then states that I might be pleasantly surprised. I ask if he would pose for a photo with EMC (who has no idea who he is). He very nicely does so and even asks her her name. I tell her that Brian is one of Taylor’s best buddies. This makes EMC happy

At this point it is 7:00 and the opening act is due to begin at 7:30. It’s pretty cold and I’m ready to suggest to EMC that we go inside. Then a security guard at the stage door waves us over. He says to us… are you listening… the security guard… the man who’s supposed to be keeping people away, says to us — “Taylor is on the bus.” EMC’s eyes light up and she asks me if we can knock on the door. EMC doesn’t understand why I won’t let her. Random people go in and out of the bus. We see Loren. We say hi to Ted (alltheanswers). But, still no Taylor. I suggest several times that we should go inside, but EMC is determined to see Taylor. Just as we’re about to leave, Melanie and Josh walk out of the bus and head straight toward us. Apparently, Taylor has taken pity on us standing in the rain and has sent out an autographed photo for EMC. I’m too stunned to ask them to pose for a photo. We thank them profusely and finally go inside.

The theater is beautiful. Very old fashioned. The show is completely sold out. The crowd is very diverse… lots of men and a surprising number of children. We have wonderful seats in the 4th row. The Greyhounds have already started their set by the time we get to our seats. I decide to try to figure out the digital camera I got for Christmas. The photos I took at the HOB were not great. So I take some practice pictures of the Greyhounds. Bad camera is not cooperating, so I spend the entire break before Taylor takes the stage reading the instruction manual (yes I brought it with me). I still don’t understand how to work the settings, but do learn that the camera has video capabilities — this makes me happy (and hopefully will make you happy soon too)! EMC is fidgety and asking when she will see Taylor. It’s 8:30 now. This is her normal bedtime and the concert hasn’t started yet. Mommy starts to worry, but EMC has done a pinky-swear with me that she wouldn’t cry even if she got tired, so I’m hopeful.

Finally, the moment arrives. The show starts and Taylor comes out. Everyone stands and suddenly our 4th row seats are not so hot. EMC can’t see a thing. She and the other children around us all stand on their seats and life is good.

Taylor starts out with Give Me Tonight then moves right into Soul Thing. He is in fine voice tonight. Very clear and strong. The crowd sits down except for the woman in front of EMC. When I ask her (very nicely I might add) if she planned to sit down she emphatically said she did not. When I pointed out that several children were sitting behind her, she said “I don’t care.” This is a 40-something year-old woman! EMC moves to my lap which makes taking photos and videos a challenge. The photo thing isn’t working out anyway. Everything is blurry or too dark — damn camera.

Taylor segues into Hell of a Day. I’m groovin’ on it when I realize that he’s tagging it with Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Anyway, I think this is way cool and decide to give bad camera another shot. So, here I give you a link to my first video uploaded to YouTube.

(After I got home and saw that this worked I apologized to bad camera.)

He sings Dream Myself Awake, Heart and Soul and Wherever I Lay My Hat. They were fine but aren’t my favorites. He teased Heart and Soul with “Brown-eyed Handsome Man.” I actually liked the tease better than the song itself.

Then he said he was going to sing a really old song called “My Friend.” I hadn’t heard this before and I love hearing him sing new stuff, so I decided to try the video thing again. This was one of my favorite songs of the evening. It was very up-tempo and melodic. Simple, but very satisfying. Between wiggly daughter on my lap and nasty woman in front of us, the visual on this video isn’t great, but you can get a sense of the song

So I’m expecting another song from the album now and he launches into Run Baby Run. Fantastic! His voice sounds great. This is a totally different set than what he did at the HOB. I had seen that he was performing this in some cities but had never heard it before.

The crowd is really into it, though I have to say that the vibe in a sit-down theater is not nearly as intense as it is in a general admission place like the House of Blues.

HOTYL is next. One of my favorite Taylor originals. He starts in with the reggae teases — so cool, then he transitions into a more bluesy mode, he adds some mean harp. Well you just had to hear it. He has now done three songs in a row that were not from the current album and I’m loving it. EMC is starting to get tired and crabby now. Bad mommy is now questioning the wisdom of bringing a 6 year-old to a concert. I suggest that she curl up in her seat and just listen to the music.

Taylor sings The Deal, and Heaven Knows. I look down and EMC is ASLEEP… in her seat… in the middle of a concert. She woke up during The Right Place and perked up when he got to Runaround (I think The Maze was in there somewhere). In fact, by then she was standing on her seat dancing. He did Taking it to the Streets for an encore – he was really “on” tonight in his vocals. During the encore Taylor sat with Brian Less and played some keyboards.

Overall, the concert exceeded my expectations. He sang several songs I hadn’t heard before, he tagged and teased all over the place (there was some Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles in there somewhere). He played the harp at least 4 times, if not more. It was great. You can’t deny what a great entertainer he is. And to top it off, as he’s leaving the stage he walks down the steps and hands his harmonica to a young (maybe 10 years old) disabled boy in a wheelchair who had been rockin’ and boppin’ to the music all night. I get a lump in my throat.

I now move into supermommy mode and plan to scram outta there and get this kid in bed. As we walk toward the door EMC says “Let’s go stand by the purple bus.” Seriously. That’s what she said. It is now colder than it was earlier and raining a bit harder. But hey, if the kid wants to see Taylor up close and personal, who am I to deny her? So we walk back to the busses where there is a crowd of about 50 people. EMC being such a small thing and oblivious to concert/fan etiquette, charges her way to the front and stakes her ground, stuffed animal in hand. I’m stuck behind three rows of people. I manage to work my way to the front excusing myself but explaining that I have to keep an eye on my daughter. We wait about 15 minutes and Da Man himself walks out with pen in hand and Brian Less holding his umbrella. Brian, the keyboard player, relegated to umbrella holder. (After reviewing photographic evidence, it has been determined that Mr. less handed off umbrella responsibilities to a FOT named Bill.)

I can’t get the flash to work on bad camera. In the meantime, Taylor has made eye contact with EMC. I think he recognizes her from our pathetic wait in the rain before the show. After signing a couple of autographs he walks over to her and says “How ya doin’ darlin’?” and crouches down to her level. I’m several feet away desperately trying to get bad camera to work. He then says to her “You got something you want me to sign?” EMC is holding her stuffed animal. She doesn’t know what an autograph is. Taylor starts to sign the skirt on her animal and she says. “I just want a hug.” He then obliges and my little EMC wraps her arms around Taylor’s waist. I don’t have it on film, but I’ll never forget it. She was so happy.


The best Bad Camera had to offer ^^^^EMC’s head

We walk to the car. EMC puts her jammies on and I buckle her in for the ride home. She quickly calls grandma on the phone to tell her she has scored a hug from Taylor and we head home. I then look in the rearview mirror and EMC is asleep. She still has a big smile on her face. It was a good night.


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Taylor Time…for the Last Time

I intended to have a Taylor Time feature each week to highlight some of Taylor Hicks’ music, perhaps exposing those who haven’t had the chance to experience Taylor live, to his music and capabilities.

I’m choosing not to continue these weekly features. As many of you are already familiar with his work and there are many outlets still available for all things Taylor, I don’t feel it is necessary for more Taylor “education”. However, if you are in need of Taylor news or happenings, might I suggest The Boogie Board. For the record, I’m still “for” Taylor and I think that he is one of the best stage performers this generation has offered. Everyone is certainly welcomed to discuss Taylor happenings in the comments and I may have the occasional Taylor mention, just not a weekly feature on his music.

So, for the last Taylor “spotlight”, I offer The Fall. Appropriate, I think, and also one of my favorites. One of the first songs Taylor wrote and included on his In Your Time CD, it’s an examination of a relationship gone bad with a sense of resignation and acceptance. It’s very well done here, acoustically, showing Taylor’s depth as a musician, as well as vocal performer.

The Fall – from the Boogie Board videos

It’s funny how my life changes with the snow
takes a long, hard solid state of gold
all the times I look it still occurs to me
just passing time, trying not to mind set my spirit free

There’s a place and time for everything
when the good gets going bad
and every time I try to look and hide
it leaves you lonely, feeling blue, and feeling sad

Here it comes just rushing in
the distant smile replied,
a distant grin it’s not so bad
after all I climbed the ladder,
and you took the fall, you took the fall

Light on my feet I’m walking down
my steps are heavier to lessen the frown
soon I’ll be gone so pay me no mind
there’s always the worries wasted time, and wasted wine.

Here it comes just rushing in
the distant smile replied,
a distant grin it’s not so bad
after all I climbed the ladder,
and you took the fall you took the fall

Feelings will pass and soon have to go
the colder the heart, the harder the wind blow
although you’re trying to make your own throughway
you turn your back on love with the games that people play

Here it comes just rushing in
the distant smile replied,
a distant grin it’s not so bad
after all I climbed the ladder,
and you took the fall you took the fall.


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Taylor Time…Passion is No Ordinary Word

Simpler time….


Rather than try to wax poetic, I’ll just come out with it. I’m sad. And, I’m disappointed.

Many of my friends and I who have followed Taylor Hicks over the last year’s incredible voyage knew that the “official” Taylor blog of was going away. It’s been a couple of weeks since Gray made the announcement and we’ve all been going through a little withdrawal. Our little community of snarkiness, musical awareness and sharing was riding off into the proverbial sunset. Then, this weekend, on a back page tucked away where not many could find it was one last thread. Some really great discussion began that was, in a round about way, about passion. About caring.

So, today’s post is about passion. Holding on to what you love to do while satisfying your responsibilities is tough stuff. Perhaps it’s fairly new to someone thrust into the spotlight who’s never had to really account for anything to anyone before. As the re-hash of good and bad went on in this tucked away thread, I thought of when I knew I really liked Taylor Hicks’ music, for the first time. It came to me rather quickly….it was after doing a little research into the mp3 library at and finding songs from the In Your Time CD and hearing On Broadway for the first time.″ On BroadwayIn Your Time

At first, the squeaking of the guitar strings aggravated me, then I came to love that sound. It was “real”, pure and passionate. THAT, is what I like about Taylor Hicks. While I think that Taylor needs some marketing help and to pay attention to some of his business ventures, the stage is definitely not the place that he’s lacking passion. Problem is, that even though “it’s all about the music”, sometimes it’s all about the music business and you simply have to pay attention to it.

Now, to Gray. Some petty people took it upon themselves to try to ruin the last few breaths of Sadly, jealousy causes people to do very mean things and to hurt people without provocation. I’m sorry that it happened that way and I’m sorry that my friend was hurt by it. However, he must never lose sight of the fact that HE built something that was unique and good and helpful and passionate. The people who participated were passionate. The artist and other artists we talked about were all passionate. And, the music was passionate. We followed the lead.

I am reminded of a favorite quote that addresses passion:

A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. — John Maxwell

Maybe that’s what is meant by Graham Parker in Passion is No Ordinary Word….

It worked much better in a fantasy, imagination’s one thing that comes easy
to me
‘Cause this is nothing else if not unreal, when I pretend to touch you, you
pretend to feel
Passion is no ordinary word
Ain’t manufactured or just another sound that you hear at night

We got new idols for the screen today, although they make a lot of noises
they got nothing to say
I try to look amazed, but it’s an act, the movie might be new but it’s the
same soundtrack
Passion is no ordinary word

Say how it feels, real useless ain’t it
Wait until it bites right down inside you
The world is easy when you’re just playing around
Everything’s a thrill, every girl’s a kill
And then it gets unreal
And then you don’t feel anything
You don’t feel anything

An object of desire you don’t desire to be, I bet the shop window dummies
give in just as easily
I try to top but have to make you drop down to the floor
Moaning in the darkness as we fake some more
Passion is no ordinary word
Not just another sound that you hear at night

So, it’s done. For many of us, nothing will sully the fun, friends, entertainment and education we received from a internet site dedicated to a wannabe American Idol — the frog that turned into a prince. All of the “Wayne Newton’s” have been said and the accolades given. Time to move on to a different passion.









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Taylor Time…With a Twist (and some Tin Foil)


Share that smile….

This week’s Taylor feature is My Friend from Under the Radar, Taylor’s 2005 CD pressed right before his stint on American Idol. One of the least known and least played tracks, My Friend, is just a fun, carefree tune to round out this very credible compilation.

“Sing the song, children”: My Friend

This is such a happy song. I can just see Taylor getting a bunch of his friends in the studio and directing them to “get a little rowdy”. This song certainly has an unmistakable New Orleans flair. Brian’s piano intro sets the wonderful tone followed shortly by the great horns. The arrangement really shows Taylor’s depth and joy from music. The harp infusion is simple, yet impactful and who can’t love the “OPA!”. Interestingly, it is the only song from Under the Radar that Taylor has not performed live, either on this tour nor on the live sets that are available from pre-idol days.  (ETA:  “My Friend” debuted in PA on April 12th….subtle Libra Dragon waves????)

While we’re on the Taylor topic, I feel compelled to address the 500 lb. elephant that appears to be in the room that no-one really wants to address. I get TIME Magazine each week. One of those free subscription things I received and I must admit that I genuinely like most of the articles. This week, in TIME, there is a story in TIME about American Idol. In this article, TIME tries to examine American Idol and why it “is really about us” — the people, i.e. fans.

First, let me say that I really don’t hold the author accountable as he prints what the sources at AI are feeding him, but there are a few inaccuracies that, of course, the average reader does not know about, and therefore believe to be fact. Like the fact that the article begins with bogus claim that AI is breaking previous ratings. In fact, AI has experienced a decline in both ratings and voting of about 18%, comparing 2006 to 2005, since the top 24 were announced. While Time Warner, who I firmly believe is in colusion with AI, wants to perpetuate the AI juggernaut and protect “the franchise”, the truth is that Season 6 is definitely looking at a “jump the shark” moment.

Most who have been followers of the show agree that this season is boring, lacking talent and “safe”. AI wants to make folks believe that it’s still relevant and watchable, therefore the TIME article and the full court press initiative in various publications and TV to dispel the fact that the “franchise” is waning. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. The AI producers are quick to say that the American public “can’t be fooled” and with that, I agree. They admit in the TIME article that although they proclaim that AI is “a singing competition”, it’s really about ratings and who can draw people to watch. It extolls the fact that you need “a story” and to “work” the crowd, politicking like a Democratic nominee.

Yet, for me, the article loses credibility when it mentions FOUR times (twice in bolded quotes) that Chris Daughtry is basically the better “idol” than Taylor Hicks. The article also blatantly is unfavorable to Taylor Hicks, twice. Once, criticizing the “corn ball” choices of In the Ghetto and Levon and a second time making a distinct point that Taylor’s CD has sold disappointingly, without publishing the fact that he DID sell 650,000 copies of his CD. Again, this is selective journalism that paints a biased picture and I feel, a targeted message to Taylor Hicks from the AI minions that he cannot beat “the man”.

The last straw of the article was the outright lie that Simon Fuller CHOSE not to represent Taylor Hicks, instead choosing to represent Chris Daughtry. Now, what the general reading public doesn’t know is that Taylor chose not to have Simon Fuller represent him (pre-emptively choosing The Firm to do so) and that Chris Daughtry really had no other option. So, what does all this mean….

Well, I may be WAY off here, but here’s my theory. 1.) American Idol (Simon Fuller, Simon Cowell and all those associated) DO NOT want Taylor Hicks to succeed without them. I think Taylor really pissed them off and cut them out of significant income from a VERY popular winner who will likely have a prolonged career; 2.) Since they are obviously, and selfishly, supportive of Chris Daughtry, it behooves them to manipulate the public through various avenues like AI itself, music sales numbers and the major media by dissing the winner, TAYLOR HICKS, and promoting “their guy”; 3.) It is a mega-power play where millions, if not billions, of dollars are at stake. Therefore, manipulation for money is enevitable. These people are scrupleless. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get you to believe their bill of goods and support their franchise. Otherwise, they’re out of a job and out of a gravy train.

As for their “charitable” endeavors. (I mean, Borat soliciting money on behalf of AI??? Gimme a break.) I promise you, they are not doing anything that’s not going to give to their favorite charity — themselves. These people are about one thing — mo’ money. All else (honor, truth, charity, and principles) matters not. It’s part of the reason why I just can’t bring myself to watch Season 6. That, and the fact that the talent is frankly, lacking.


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Taylor Time

Once again time for our weekly feature of Taylor Hicks music.




Finally, Somehow makes an appearance on the tour. In Boston, at the Avalon, Taylor Hicks performed the song that he wrote over 10 years ago that is arguably his best. This song is hauntingly beautiful and has true depth. Lyrically, this song is so appropriate and fitting to all those performances in dives with ten people, making enough to maybe pay the bar tab. Fitting in that the song is so true and believable for this young man and sung with so much feeling and emotion, that you know it’s real.

Quite possibly my favorite of all of Taylor’s music. I’ve wondered for a long time as to exactly what this song means to him. I think it talks to the loneliness and solitary nature of the road and fighting to be heard and accepted. I think it also illuminates the nature of the sometimes one-sidedness of the artist giving and the audience taking without giving back. While Taylor gets a lot back from audiences now a days, perhaps he’s also having to give more to get it. Such a sad and melancholy song. I sincerely hope that this isn’t how Taylor is feeling these days, but more that he wanted to keep the surprises for the tour “fresh”. Regardless, sure wish I would’ve been in Beantown to hear it tonight.

Could this have been a cryptic nod to a dedicated blogmeister?

There’s too many things
left to be unsaid
some live in a dark hole
sometimes in my head

but I’m all right
I’ll get by

you want to feel their emotion
sometimes even hold their hand
but they’re giving nothing in return
to suit their own demands

but I’m tired
and I’ll get by

look at the people around you
stabbing at your heart
but you still smile in kindness
for not knowing who they are

and their stories have ended
and they’ve lit up the town
and it’s time to go home
as they go and lay their bodies back down

you want to feel their emotion
sometimes even hold their hand
but they’re giving nothing in return
to suit their own demands

but I’m tired
and I’ll get by

look at the people around you
stabbing at your heart
but you still smile in kindness
for not knowing who they are

and their stories have ended
and they’ve lit up the town
and it’s time to go home
as they go and lay their bodies back down

there’s too many things
left to be unsaid
so I live in a dark hole
sometimes in my head

but I’m all right
I’ll get by



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It’s All About the Music….Is there an echo in here?

This is carazy good

Taylor Hicks and Keb ‘Mo – Sweet Home Chicago @ House of Blues

(notice Keb ‘Mo in the Soul Patrol guitar strap — NICE.)

courtesy of Sherri

for a little clearer video, see


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Taylor Time


“Confetti Man”


Those of you who know me, know that I am somewhat of a Taylor Hicks fan (subtle understatement here). Since this is a music blog and I feel that he is conspicuously missing, I’m adding a Taylor feature. Each week, I’ll try to highlight one of my favorite Taylor songs and give a little explanation as to why. We’ll call it “Taylor Time”.

For those of you who might not understand my proclivity for Taylor Hicks, I’m going to point folks to some postings of mine back at back in the spring of ’06 that discussed Taylor’s “Tipping Point” and my thoughts on when that occurred **cough**Playthatfunkymusicwhiteboy**cough**.


That thread had some great discussion and some good thoughts about Taylor and his music. For me, this posting that I made nearly a year ago still capture the essence of what I really like about Taylor Hicks.


double d # 16 May 20th, 2006 at 8:04 am

Inertia is resistent to change but once in a while a wrench falls into the spinning drum and totally screws the machine.

Taylor = wrench….I absolutely love it.

May 20th, 2006 at 9:56 am

Holeigh, I know what you mean. I think that Taylor had some kind of realization before that night that said, “hey, what’s the worse thing that can happen, I get kicked out of here and go back to playing music? it’ll certainly be on a much higher level now…my voice has been heard…hell, just as soon lay it all on out there…”

I only know that, for me, the guy is a symbol for “being real”. Most of us have to swallow such crap every day in our every day lives and to see someone, like us, stay true to themselves…, I just really identified with it. Taylor was just the right movement at just the right time for me. And, from the looks of it, some others too. Way cool.

May 20th, 2006 at 6:28 pm

It’s really all a matter of preference. But, Taylor appears to appeal to a broad x-section of fans who do get him and his music. He kind of grows on you because he does many different kinds of music. I think that he’ll be a great cross-over artist. If he does a hard rock album I might listen but probably wouldn’t buy it. I like his humor, his manners and I like his attitude, also.

Call me a sucker but I like the struggling artist who spends 10 years bustin’ his arse and then catches a break, beats the odds and finds redemption, finally…story. I’m a sap, ok, I want to see the confetti fall on this guy.

Well, the good guy won and I hope that he continues to be true to himself. For today’s “Taylor Time” – one of my personal favorites….Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers. I’m not exactly sure where this was recorded but I believe it was in Atlanta. I do know that it’s done with Jon Cook on guitar. Taylor and Jon played together for many a year and some of Taylor’s best work was done with Jon’s accompaniment. I got to meet Jon at Soul Kitchen in Mobile and he is one carazy dood, but a really nice guy.


I love this song. The song itself and Taylor’s version. I love the “live”-ness of it with all the bar noises in the background. The singular guitar is haunting at the beginning. Taylor’s voice is strong, powerful and meaningful. However, the pièce de résistance is the harmonica solo. I mean,….gobsmacked. You can hear the pain in the wailing of that harp. Then, the “tagging” in of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World” to finish it off. To me, this is a virtual masterpiece for Taylor and one that he should definitely include in a “live” collection CD. It’s also a stark reminder for me that the confetti fell on the right guy. Huzzah!

Ain’t No SunshineTaylor Hicks (a/k/a “Da Man”)


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