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Jon MINUS Kate = 8 Messed Up Kids

Dysfunction at its finest

Dysfunction at its finest

Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorcing.  Quelle surpris!?!

Having intimate experience with divorce, I try not to be judgmental about anyone who finds that they simply cannot make their relationship work any longer.  However, in this case, I must make an exception.

These two are the most self-absorbed, neurotic pair I have ever seen and it’s incredulous to me that they continually whine about the intrusive paparazzi who are causing them so much stress.  Have they not welcomed cameras into their homes and lives to “share” their wonderful, fairytale lives?  It’s a slippery slope, peeps, and you guys let Pandora out of the box when you signed on for all those episodes and all that denero.  And, isn’t this really what it’s all about?  Money?

Sorry, but I have a real problem with the fact that these two have made a fortune off of the cuteness of their kids via TV, books, motivational speaking tours and “freebies”.  While I can understand accepting help from people wanting to help when you are overwhelmed with such a large brood, these people took it to the extreme and now, they are paying the piper.

The problem is that it’s the kids who will pay the cost.  While they will remain in their million dollar estate with designer clothes, playhouses and part-time parents, all they really have are each other.  Make no mistake, this “decision” will have lasting consequences on these kids.  Mady already needed couseling before all of this, now Kate will have to publish another hypocritical book just to cover the therapy bills for the rest of the gang.  Or, perhaps she can get a sympathetic psychologist to donate their services a la her tummy tuck and his hair plugs.  (You cannot make this crap up.)

The problem with sanctimony and rigidity is that it usually bites you in the butt.  Early on, Jon and Kate espoused that their faith was what sustained them and their kids.  Each season has brought less thankfulness/faithfulness and more entitlement/riches.  For example, trips to Disney, New York, Hawaii, Utah, North Carolina….two new houses in five years, matching designer clothes (even for every day), etc., etc.  While these people started out as an inspiration to others facing the challenge of large families, they have now become the object of pity and all at the hand of greed.

My advice to these “parents”.  Quit this show.  Jon, get a real job and hold on to it.  Kate, go back to nursing and support your kids like normal people and not by exploiting their obvious cuteness and unusual situation.  Spend time with them instead of traveling on book tours or speaking engagements.  All of the “things” are not going to ease the pain of seeing their parents’ relationship dissolve, nor the public fascination associated with it.  And really, do you think that people will be interested in seeing eight kids go through puberty?

Forget about the money, for once…

  Money, Pink Floyd


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