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Here We Go Again…

ETA:  It’s worse than I thought.  Rather than dramatic changes that would assist in torpedoing the most watched television series in history, the initial show was EXACTLY THE SAME drivel as previous years.  Hideous singers, exploited women, and Ryan’s tired-ass schtick.  The demise may be faster than I initially predicted.  The only bright spot in the whole show was blind musician, Scott McIntyre.


Many of you know that I have profusely extolled the fact that the favorite American pasttime of American Idol has jumped the shark.

One of the first signs of the piroueting fish is substantial changes to format.  Well….Season 8 opens with a new judge (Kara DioGuardi), a promise that the spasmatic, William-Hungistic performances will not be exploited, and an expanded number of “idols” in the Hollywood round.  I’m sure there are more surprises as the season goes on, as well.

HEAR ME NOW….American Idol will suffer it’s lowest ratings ever this year.  Of course, I’ll be watching and commenting just to prove that I AM RIGHT, dammit.

Interestingly, I was watching the NFL play-off game between Philly and the Giants this weekend, when the following promo for AI came on.  Even though it goes by fast, take note of the :14 mark and the :23 mark.   He’s grey-headed and skinny with some funky moves.


More to come…


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