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This Bud’s for You….

Swear Jar

Does this resemble your office?

So it’s Labor Day…the one day a year that America acknowledges and celebrates the working person. That’s right, I didn’t say man, I said person. Considering that women now make up more than half of the workforce throughout the country (particularly the working class), I thought it appropriate to be politically KO-reck.

While our free enterprise system provides the greatest opportunity in the world, to keep our economy running it takes hard work, and lots of it. So, I decided to pay a little tribute to everyone who gets up and does the 9 to 5 every day, every f’n day.

9 to 5
, Taylor Hicks

If you’re making a living doing what you love, more power to you. Appreciate it….you don’t know how good you got it. If you’re making a living doing what you have to do so that others can be happy or having to quell your dreams to provide for your family, well…’re what Labor Day is all about.

One of the time honored traditions is music at work or working by music. As for the music of work, there are many songs about work and getting out of it, for that matter. For your Labor Day listening pleasure, here are some oldies but goodies:

Workin’ in a Coal Mine, Lee Dorsey

We’ve Got to Get Out of this Place, The Animals

Blue Monday,
Fats Domino

Chain Gang, Sam Cooke

Five O’Clock World, The Vogues

….and a few of the country persuasion:

16 Tons, Johnny Cash

Workin’ Man Blues, Merle Haggard

Five O’Clock Somewhere, Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett

…..and just some good old, bread and butter pop & rock:

Workin’ for a Livin’, Huey Lewis & The News

  Work to Do, Isley Brothers

Working Class Hero, John Lennon

Working for the Weekend, Loverboy

I’ve Been Workin’ So Hard, Van Morrison

She Works Hard for the Money, Donna Summer

Another Day, Paul McCartney

Takin’ Care of Business, BTO

Workin’ My Way Back to You, The Spinners

While not a song about work, per se, just didn’t seem right to leave out Men at Work:

Who Can it be now?, Men at Work

Enjoy the day, folks, for tomorrow it’s back to the old grindstone.


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