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Mondays Suck Because…

they follow Sundays.

More to come on River Life shortly.  For now, back to the grind.


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May Musings

Sorry for the lack of attention here over the last few weeks.  Our lives have been quite busy and something’s gotta give.  Hundred of post ideas pass me during the week, but I’m usually not in a position to post it.  Therefore, I thought I’d throw out the week in review (from my mind).

On the personal front, we’re starting to center life around the river and the boat.  We’re readying our house to sell in order to build our dream house, so there’s plenty of work to keep us busy.  More to come on the dream house, but here’s a preview….


While this has been top of mind for us, other exciting things are also happening.  May is shaping up to be quite a nice month.  On Monday, Mini DD fulfilled a big goal (at least one of his Mom’s) in becoming an official member of the National Honor Society.


Part of the induction ceremony is the new Junior members being “tapped” by a graduating Senior member.  5′ 6″ Mini DD was tapped by 6′ 8″ GM.  It received the biggest laugh of the night.


Very nice way to start off the week and so proud of our progeny.

Cinco de Mayo — which seemingly lost it lustre this year because of Swine Flu — required travel starting at 3:00AM (that’s not a typo), with meetings/dinner until after 9:00PM.  I therefore, missed Idol, but was kept informed by  Shrew and KD. 

On Wednesday, John Mayer posted the second video chronicling the creation of his new CD, Battle Studies.

Johnny Boy’s been particularly busy on Twitter and on Wednesday twittered right before playing this…

Since I was traveling home on Wednesday, I once again missed Idol.  I was kept informed that the dudes were safe and Allison was going home, but an important detail was omitted.  No-one told me of the absurd Paula Abdul “first time on TV” performance.  This is wrong on so many levels, but SO telling regarding what the “judges” endorse as good music.

WARNING:  Viewing this video may be hazardous to your musical health.

Along  American Idol lines, Taylor “Tinks” Hicks released his country foray, Seven Mile Breakdown, complete with video.  Perhaps Taylor is reading?  From my March 15th, 2009 post on The Distance:

Along with Nineteen, Seven Mile Breakdown (co-penned with Hicks by Spoonful James’ guitarist and pre-Idol buddy, Wynn Christian) and the title-track, The Distance, Maybe You Should has serious Country potential, if appopriately brought to Nashville.  Even the blues number, Wedding Day Blues is oddly reminiscient of Garth Brooks’ Country anthem, Friends in Low Places.

I think that Country will be much kinder to Taylor and there are even better Country songs on the current CD to be released.  This might have legs.  (**clapping as hard as I can**)

Taylor is also a twitterer, recently tweeting that he LOVES FEIST!!!  See, all you Feist hatersTaylor thinks she’s the female Paul McCartney.  I might not go that far, but do still love me some Feist.

  Feel it All, Feist

Rather excited to find this morning that Janiva Magness was named Entertainer of the Year at the 2009 Blues Music Awards in Memphis last night.

….although she beat our Watermelon Slim….

Pretty cool, as the guy is left-handed — so he’s playing that dobro upside down and backwards.

All in all, a pretty solid week except for the fact that Dom Deluise died.  Sure miss the great comedy of Carson and Company.

R.I.P. Captain Chaos.


I will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon….just trying to catch my breath.


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A Little Ray to Make Your Day

It’s Friday!!!  Thank the Lord in his blue heaven. 

Here’s a bit of the Righteous Reverand to start the weekend off right….

  Hallejuah, I Love Her So

  Mess Around

  Drown in My Own Tears

and a repeat performance of my all time favorite Ray Charles cover…

  My Bonnie

I think Ray really could have sung the phone book and held everyone, mesmerized.  They just don’t make ’em like Ray no more.


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No Bad News


Nothing but blue skies do I see….

With the change to daylight savings time, I am hereby changing my focus.  No bad news.  Not going to check the 401k, not going to read the scary newspaper, and not going to bitch about the current state of affairs.  I’m considering it part of my penance for Lent that can serve as a “twofer”, and possibly save my sanity, as well.

  No Bad News, Patty Griffin


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Soulful Friday

Limping into the weekend…2,000 point drop in the stock market, work kickin’ my butt, gutters are clogged, and the country’s going to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

Thankfully, there’s a little soul for the soul.

  It’s All Wrong, But It’s Alright, Percy Sledge


  Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Wilson Pickett


  Come in From the Cold,  Marc Broussard


  My Last Regret, Robert Cray


and a song from my youth….suddenly we’re back to 1976.

  A Real Mutha for Ya,  Johnny “Guitar” Watson

Hang in there, the weekend is almost here.  Next week HAS to be better.


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Friday on My Mind

  The Easybeats, 1967

Happy Weekend.

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Music Maven Monday

Here’s a few of my favorite tunes for your Monday…

Cool Change, Little River Band

French Waltz, Nicolette Larsen

Sweet Memories, Irma Thomas & Allen Toussaint

Time is On My Side, Irma & Allen again (because once just isn’t good enough)

A Real Mutha for Ya, Johnny “Guitar” Watson

Have a great week!


Sunday Smorgashbord

Hope you’re enjoying this splendid Sunday….get outside, take some pictures, have yourself an “Arnold Palmer”.



1/2 cup Lemonade

1/2 cup Iced Tea

1 jigger of Vodka 

1 shade tree

Sunday Morning, The Velvet Underground

Sunday Morning, Maroon 5

Pleasant Valley Sunday, The Monkees

Sunday Girl, Blondie

Gloomy Sunday, Billie Holiday

Easy, The Commodores

Sunday Morning Coming Down, Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson

Sunday, Bloody Sunday, U2

Sunday Kind of Love, Etta James (ignore the mildly disturbing cat video)


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Something Good

Don’t ask me why….just because.  Perhaps in honor of Josiah Lemming?  Nah.  Just love me some Peter Noone.

  I’m Into Something Good, Herman’s Hermits


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It’s Friday…..Amen!

Nothing better to start off a weekend than some Asian guys lip-synching Bill Withers in their car.

SOOOOOOOOO good to be back home after spending a mere 18 hours in airports over the last two days.

Lovely Day

Hopefully, I can catch up on some posts this weekend….like, a concert review, an emerging artist profile AND my sage thoughts on the state of the music industry. Hope you’ll join me.


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