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You Can Lead a Horse to Water….Grace Potter

Once again, Poo Poo Broussard:

Conjures up the efforts of an obsessed friend who can’t get enough of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, and keeps dragging the proverbial horse to water. Now, I LIKE Grace. Don’t love her, but like her. Rather than try to inadequately describe Grace and get admonished for a deficient presentation of Grace and all of her wiles, I refer you to the great, Gray Charles’ “one time only” post — for the love of Grace.

It appears that he may have evolved into Grace Charles. Now, most of you know I’m just a wee bit jaded and cynical from slaving away on this earth for nearly 43 years, so you’ll understand the context of my snarkiness concerning this:

Hyrid Cars are Sexy

Ahhhh, the idealism of youth. I really want to see that bio-deisel tour bus, especially since it’ll cost her three times more to run and maintain it.

Well, if Grace does STICK TO SINGING, she may well be on her way. Regardless, Gray Charles has only steered me musically astray once, (**cough**Angela McCluskey**cough**). So for him…I ask you to give Grace her due. I’ve purchased a few tracks and she fits in nicely on my New Music Chicks playlist, along with Feist, Sara Barielles and Colbie Caillat.

So, please check out her stuff at Gray’s and consider purchasing her songs via iTunes, if possible — so that we contribute to saving the environment by utilizing electronic media rather than non-biodegradable CDs and cases. If iTunes isn’t your preference, buy from Fred…he’s a good guy.