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Waiting on an Angel

Some things are beautifully simple…I discovered this song when my father was dying.  It helped.

  Waiting on an Angel, Ben Harper

Music, the healer.


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Long Live the Queen

Queen of the Blues, KoKo Taylor, has passed on to that Wang Dang Doodle in the sky….

At 80, she could still show them all how it’s done.

The Queen is dead…


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  Living Legends

  The Protege’

  The Rebel

  The Legacy

  The Master

  The Student

  The Genesis


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May Musings

Sorry for the lack of attention here over the last few weeks.  Our lives have been quite busy and something’s gotta give.  Hundred of post ideas pass me during the week, but I’m usually not in a position to post it.  Therefore, I thought I’d throw out the week in review (from my mind).

On the personal front, we’re starting to center life around the river and the boat.  We’re readying our house to sell in order to build our dream house, so there’s plenty of work to keep us busy.  More to come on the dream house, but here’s a preview….


While this has been top of mind for us, other exciting things are also happening.  May is shaping up to be quite a nice month.  On Monday, Mini DD fulfilled a big goal (at least one of his Mom’s) in becoming an official member of the National Honor Society.


Part of the induction ceremony is the new Junior members being “tapped” by a graduating Senior member.  5′ 6″ Mini DD was tapped by 6′ 8″ GM.  It received the biggest laugh of the night.


Very nice way to start off the week and so proud of our progeny.

Cinco de Mayo — which seemingly lost it lustre this year because of Swine Flu — required travel starting at 3:00AM (that’s not a typo), with meetings/dinner until after 9:00PM.  I therefore, missed Idol, but was kept informed by  Shrew and KD. 

On Wednesday, John Mayer posted the second video chronicling the creation of his new CD, Battle Studies.

Johnny Boy’s been particularly busy on Twitter and on Wednesday twittered right before playing this…

Since I was traveling home on Wednesday, I once again missed Idol.  I was kept informed that the dudes were safe and Allison was going home, but an important detail was omitted.  No-one told me of the absurd Paula Abdul “first time on TV” performance.  This is wrong on so many levels, but SO telling regarding what the “judges” endorse as good music.

WARNING:  Viewing this video may be hazardous to your musical health.

Along  American Idol lines, Taylor “Tinks” Hicks released his country foray, Seven Mile Breakdown, complete with video.  Perhaps Taylor is reading?  From my March 15th, 2009 post on The Distance:

Along with Nineteen, Seven Mile Breakdown (co-penned with Hicks by Spoonful James’ guitarist and pre-Idol buddy, Wynn Christian) and the title-track, The Distance, Maybe You Should has serious Country potential, if appopriately brought to Nashville.  Even the blues number, Wedding Day Blues is oddly reminiscient of Garth Brooks’ Country anthem, Friends in Low Places.

I think that Country will be much kinder to Taylor and there are even better Country songs on the current CD to be released.  This might have legs.  (**clapping as hard as I can**)

Taylor is also a twitterer, recently tweeting that he LOVES FEIST!!!  See, all you Feist hatersTaylor thinks she’s the female Paul McCartney.  I might not go that far, but do still love me some Feist.

  Feel it All, Feist

Rather excited to find this morning that Janiva Magness was named Entertainer of the Year at the 2009 Blues Music Awards in Memphis last night.

….although she beat our Watermelon Slim….

Pretty cool, as the guy is left-handed — so he’s playing that dobro upside down and backwards.

All in all, a pretty solid week except for the fact that Dom Deluise died.  Sure miss the great comedy of Carson and Company.

R.I.P. Captain Chaos.


I will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon….just trying to catch my breath.


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Every Day I Have the Blues…The Progression

Yep.  Every day. 


  Originally recorded by Memphis Slim, 1948

  Elmore James

  Professor Longhair

  B.B. King

  T-Bone Walker & Chuck Berry

  Buddy Guy

  Eric Clapton

  John Mayer


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Jazz Fest, Part Deux

So, this weekend is the final weekend of JazzFest in New Orleans. As I related in last week’s post, the schedule is jam-packed with talent. On Thursday, we missed Tower of Power, Betty LaVette, Ruby Wilson, and Widespread Panic, not to mention Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys…and I imagine the hit of the night was Randy Newman’s Louisiana 1927.

Friday’s star-studded line-up includes: Brett Dennen, the incomparable John Prine, family favorite Theryl “The Houseman” deClouet and the great Little Stevie Wonder.

Livin’ for the City

On Saturday, the A T & T Blue Room will be broadcasting live from Jazz Fest. I watched it last year and it was a blast. If you’re looking for a little virtual entertainment this weekend, tune into The Blue Room. You might catch the Marcia Ball, Diana Krall, MM favorite Geno Delafose, Aaron Neville in the Gospel Tent, and the piece de resistance….the one, the only….Jimmy Buffett. Naturally, there will be thousands of Parrotheads rockin’ and a reelin’ to the consummate Gulf Coast Boy.


Jazz Fest winds up on Sunday with Sonny Landreth, The Radiators, The Raconteurs, Keb Mo, and closes out with the Derek Trucks Band and the hometown reunion of The Neville Brothers.

Big Chief

I’m off to Philadelphia, MS for a little R&R, so have a great weekend and catch the The Blue Room broadcast, if you can.

Peace out.


Out of the Ordinary is the Ordinary…Ray Charles

Ray Charles was such a complete and uncanny talent. There was really nothing he couldn’t sing nor anywhere he couldn’t sing it. Here are a few songs that demonstrate his unparalleled range and adaptability, throughout his magnificent career. I think he encapsulates it best in the interview here:

If you can sing what’s in your heart, and keep time…well, that’s it.

My Bonnie

In the Evening

Let the Good Times Roll, Tel Aviv

While I maintain that NOBODY sings Yesterday accept McCartney, I think Ray comes close:


But, perhaps my favorite of Ray’s Beatles’ covers is Let It Be. His tempo changes and little touches create a whole different feel to the wonderful classic, yet still makes it believable.

Let It Be

Ray had a certain af-FECK-shun and ap-PREE-she-ashun for The Beatles. Other wonderful Ray Beatles’ covers:

Long & Winding Road

Eleanor Rigby

Never short of genres to invade, Ray conquered them all and all of their artists.

Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Ring of Fire

Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma with Babs

Livin’ for the City, with Stevie Wonder

Oh Happy Day with The Voices of Jubilation

He even conquered the instruments:

On Lead Sax

And I just have to add this one, because it’s one of my all time favorite Ray tunes:

Drown in My Own Tears

Amen, Reverend.


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The Saenger Series


I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several concerts over the last few months at the beautifully renovated Saenger Theatre in Mobile. Living a scant three miles from Downtown Mobile has certain benefits and I consider the Saenger at the top of the list. Built in 1927, The Saenger served Mobile as its’ premier movie theater. On the eve of its’ slated demolition in 1970, the University of South Alabama rescued the structure and turned it into a performing arts center for the university. In 1999, the City of Mobile purchased The Saenger and the privately funded Centre of the Living Arts raised over $6 million to exquisitely refurbish the gem that narrowly escaped destruction.

Over the last year, The Saenger has landed some great musical acts for performance and I’ve been in attendance at several. It started in June, right before my unfortunate bar stool incident, with the incomparable B.B. King. Likely the last time I’ll get to see ole B.B. light it up and front row seats were worth every penny.

In December, we were treated to a glorious Christmas concert by Aaron Neville, that was fronted by the local LeFlore Preparatory Choir. From the fourth row, my camera caught the evident sorrow of Aaron Neville over the recent death of his wife, Joelle.
Started my new job in January and it’s been keeping me mighty busy (but a good busy), so I haven’t had the chance to really sit down and compose a post about seeing The Indigo Girls in late January.


The Indigo Girls crowd was a bit “different”, NTTAWWT, and very emotional. Perhaps it was because of the Mardi Gras Parade season that was in full swing just before the concert, but it was packed and very rowdy. Again, we had great seats, on the third row, center.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about The Indigo Girls other than they were acoustic, but I wanted to experience some new music that I hadn’t before and this seemed a good place to start, considering I had such good tickets. They were good. Both were sick but you really couldn’t tell. It really wouldn’t have mattered as the crowd continually out-sung them.

Closer to Fine

The crowd particularly got into Power of Two:

At the end, much of the crowd rushed the stage, so Mr. D and I decided to head out. The newspaper indicated that some fans actually ran up on stage and tackled da girls. I dunno, just a very strange vibe.

However, by far, the best thing of the whole night was the discovery of my new musical obsession in the opening act. But, I’ll cover that in a dedicated post so that I make sure to give it its’ due.

Lastly, on this past Friday night, I had 2nd row center seats for the great Keb ‘Mo.


Keb ‘Mo was divine and as mentioned in my previous post, so was my new find, Kevin So. He, too, rates a dedicated post, so I’ll save that for later. Now, Keb is one tall drink of water and he has a very charming wit that endures him to the crowd. In short order he had this wonderfully Southern crowd eating from the palm of his hand.

He played wonderfully and sang favorites like Shave Yo’ Legs:

and the wonderful Angelina:

But what had caught my eye since we sat in our seats was the beautiful resonator guitar. When he grabbed the slide, I was near giddiness.


As an aside, I took some really great pictures and will try to get my Flickr tool up and running with these and other concert images soon.

Keb is a premier blues guitarist and harp player. He did not disappoint. It went something like this:

It Hurts Me Too

Such a delightful artist. I’d pay double to see him again.


I’m looking forward to more great shows at The Saenger. Jackson Browne will be there on St. Patrick’s Day but I’ll be out of town. Perhaps some more greats and some more new artists will grace the grand old theatre, and maybe…just maybe, I’ll be in one of those front rows again.


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So What?!?

Drive-by post, but I’ll have much more later…

Last night.  2nd Row.  Keb ‘Mo.  Awesome.  Hot new artist found.  Kevin So.

Brighter Day


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Memphis in the Meantime, Baby.

John Hiatt & The Goners

Today is a new day. A new year.

I’ll be up in Memphis for my new job for the rest of the week, but I’ll be checking in.

Working on some thoughts on the music biz that I hope to get up before Friday. Until then, have a great start to ’08, and say a little prayer for me in sub-freezing temps.


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