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Righteous Richard’s Revolutionary Rant

Righteous Richard

Righteous Richard

I heart Rick Santelli. For years, Mr. D and I have shared coffee, the newspaper and CNBC Squawk Box, each weekday morning.  I, in particular, LERVE the Chicago Exchange guru, Rick Santelli and his faithful sidekick, The Wolfman.  Santelli is of the Larry Kudlow vein and an unapologetic capitalist.  He’s also had enough.  Reminiscient of my recent “Mad as Hell”  and “Tax Man Cometh” posts, Santelli’s impromptu rant a week or so ago was like a shot heard around the world.  The Interwebs, and eventually the regular media, was abuzz with Santelli’s comments and how they seemed to encapsulate what ALOT of people, including me, feel.  In case you missed it…  I totally agree 100% with Rick Santelli.  And furthermore, I am greatly offended by Mr. Obama’s criticism that “our day of reckoning has arrived”.  Is it just me or is he paraphrasing that our “chickens have come home to roost”?  Let me be clear…most everyone I know has lived within their means and saved for the future.  They didn’t go out and buy a home they KNEW they could not afford or cars they could not make the payments on or buy the latest gadget by “charging it”.  But now, that diligence is being repaid by asking us to pay for the people who lived beyond their means.  How is that fair? Evidently, Mr. Santelli’s rant struck a nerve with the “Administration” (and, I use the term loosely)…as Obama’s Press minon, Robert Gibbs dismissed the concern and anger that represents many of the feelings of REGULAR people out here in the real world.  Does he just NOT get it?   Gibbs’ idiocy Then, as if on cue, left-wing pundit, Chris Matthews invites Santelli on his “show” and promptly minimizes Santelli’s concerns by asking him who he voted for?  What does that matter?  What a shill.   Santelli’s response Is this kind of crap not transparent to people?  Do people really believe guys like Chris Matthews?  Can’t “the media” be the least bit objective?  Jeez, makes my blood boil. Mr. Santelli is a trader and market expert that has been in the business of analyzing markets for 30 years, but it was his sincere, impromptu outrage that gave him instant credibility.  He tapped into exactly what ALOT of people out here are feeling, as was evidenced by the floor traders’ cheers.  As for the mortgage “crisis” and for those who bought more than they could afford…NOTHING is going to help them.  No matter how you re-structure their debt, they WILL NOT be able to afford the homes they are in.  You can blame the Mortgage industry, but if you do, blame Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and then follow that little trail to two Senior Congressmen….Barney Frank and Chris Dodd — two “architects” of the new, wonderful legislative initiatives we will all be victims of. America has survived and thrived via free markets.  All of the proposed “intervention” throws a cog in the wheel and can actually make the problems worse.  As Mr. Santelli says, “let the markets correct themselves”.  There will be winners and there will be losers, but our economic recovery will be substantially prolonged if the free markets are manipulated by governmental policy.  The best solution is for our President to support the stock market to rescue our savings.  Stop the class warfare and realize that a good Wall Street is a GREAT Main Street. The majority of workers today are involved in some kind of Wall Street investment.  Most people have lost half of their life savings or more.  Until you fix the markets, you will not fix consumer confidence and until you fix consumer confidence, everyone suffers.  Mr. Obama has evidently declared war on the likes of Rick Santelli and others on “The Street”.  Even everyman, Jim Cramer, is now coming out with “Obama-proof” stock picks. Problem is, we have met the enemy and he is us.  America needs a surging stock market to restore the savings of the majority of hard-working Americans who “pay the freight”.  In his rant, Santelli suggested a Chicago Tea Party.  As a symbol.  Not so much to protest taxes, but to stand up and let those in charge know that we are here, we are watching and we want it fixed. That WE ARE NOT HAPPY and that we are going to get up and stand up to protect what we’ve worked our whole lives for.  Notice that you are not hearing anything about the protest Tea Parties even though there are many planned.  Just why is that? I invite you to “get up, stand up” and fight for your right.  Let your voice be heard…   Get Up, Stand Up, Bob Marley & The Wailers


  NOTE:  If you are interested in participating in the Tea Parties across the country, visit this blog for how you can Get Up, Stand Up.  <—-click here.



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The Tax Man Cometh….

"Screw ups"

"Screw ups"

If this isn’t the most compelling advertisement for the Flat Tax…I mean, really.  If highly educated, Washington insiders, that can afford the most prolific accountants known to man can’t figure it out, how does the common man?

Perhaps it’s not a matter of understanding, but evasion.  Wouldn’t a guy who’s the “foremost expert” on financial markets, understand the tax code?  Particularly if he’s vying to be Secretary of the Treasury? Geitner was lucky to be confirmed.  Had it gone one week longer, he would not have been. 

And, just how much do you have to make to OWE $128,000 in taxes?  Nannies, maids, drivers, millions….and these are Democrats?  As Leona Helmsey famously said,

“We don’t pay taxes.  Only the little people pay taxes.”

Oversights and misunderstandings, ignorance and avoidance…but, you, my fellow Americans should forgive such slight and irrelevant faux pas because they’re just so damn smart.  To quote our President:



For once, the IRS are heroes….

   Taxman, The Beatles


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Colette’s Corner: First Music or Music First?!?


Sinatra.  Dylan.  The Fugees.

All can be found on President Obama’s iPod.  Much like his mixed heritage and diverse political ideals, Barack Obama appears to have broad musical tastes.

The initial Inauguration event on Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial featured Stevie Wonder, Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Usher, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce’, U2, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Renee’ Fleming, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen,, Josh Groban and Bettye LaVette.  Speaking of Bettye LaVette, she’s becoming a fixture in DC, having recently performed at the Lincoln Center Honors in homage to The Who.

I found her performance of Change Gone Come with Bon Jovi to be the highlight of Sunday’s event and likely the most appropriate for the occasion.  Somewhere Sam Cooke is smiling…

….and the beat goes on.  Mr. Obama’s inauguration events will include the Queen of Soul, herself, Ms. Aretha Franklin along with The Dead, Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Itzak Perlman will be a part of other inauguration festivities.

Colette chimes in with her own assessment of the First Music on this very historic day: 

Blue vs. red, left vs. right — no matter what political rivalries exist in this nation,  great music is something Americans of every stripe can share and take joy in.

Our new president is, it so happens, a music lover with wide-ranging tastes  which he revealed to Rolling Stone Magazine, Blender Magazine and other musical rags.   He listens to a lot of different artists, from jazzmen to rappers, John Coltrane to The Rolling Stones to Jay-Z.  And he adores Stevie Wonder, his wife’s favorite artist and a major supporter of campaign whose song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” became Obama’s campaign anthem.

Here is Stevie Wonder — live at the 1008 Democratic National Convention, singing the beautiful song “Fear Can’t Put Dreams to Sleep” with Take 6, followed by Obama’s campaign theme song, “Signed, Sealed Delivered”  (starts at 7:00, when he says, “I gotta do this!” ).  One of Obama’s very favorite artists, and his wife’s musical god:

  — Stevie Wonder at the DNC 

Some presidents are more interested in music than others.  Pres. Clinton, for instance, had a big jazz summit at the White House.  And the first Pres. George Bush loved country music.  Kennedy appreciated classical music, and of course the Broadway musical “Camelot.”  From his interviews on the subject, Obama seems to be an ardent and knowledgeable pop fan, and he had a lot of top  musicians (from James Taylor & Bruce Springsteen, to Will.I.Am and John Legend) actively backing him with benefit concerts and campaign appearances.

Some of the songs that are Obama favorites, according to Blender, are: 

   Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On”  (live)

  Bob Dylan  “Maggie’s Farm”  (from Newport FOlk Festival, 1965)

  — Bruce Springsteen – “I’m on Fire” (Obama says he calls Bruce “The Boss”)

 –   The Rolling Stones – “Gimme Shelter”  (live in the 1960s)

  —  Nina Simone —  “Sinnerman”

  —   Frank Sinatra — “You’d Be So Easy to Love

Obama loves the Queen of Soul, and when he gave a speech in Detroit he began by singing a few bars of this song:

  — Aretha Franklin – “Chain of Fools”  (live) 

— “Think” (live) —  Another Aretha hit, which Obama says is on his iPod.

Thanks, Colette, for the submission.  I’ll conclude this post with the stirring rendition of Shower the People, performed at the Lincoln Memorial event by James Taylor, Jennifer Nettles and John Legend.

 “….I think it’s true what they say about the squeaky wheel always getting the grease”


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